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Custom Jewelry Design

Discover the Healing Magic of Handcrafted Elegance in the Heart of the Appalachian Mountains! 



Celebrate life's most precious moments with a bespoke jewelry piece from the remarkable talent of Nirado Sloan, an artisan who weaves magic with silver, copper, and flame-painted titanium.


Nestled in the majestic mountains of Western North Carolina, Nirado's studio is where dreams take shape and precious memories are transformed into wearable art.


Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of nature as Nirado Sloan brings your dreams to life, crafting a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece that captures the essence of your style and personality.


Whether it's a breathtaking engagement ring, an heirloom-worthy necklace, or a statement bracelet, Nirado can make your jewelry fantasies a reality.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Each piece is meticulously handcrafted by a master jeweler, ensuring unparalleled attention to detail and quality.

Healing Gemstones

Together we select the perfect combination of beauty and healing qualities for your bespoke piece.

Uniquely Yours

I collaborate closely with you, listening to your vision and incorporating your preferences to create a bespoke piece that is as extraordinary as you are.

Sustainability Matters

I prioritize eco-friendly practices, utilizing responsibly sourced materials and employing environmentally conscious techniques.

Nature's Inspiration

My studio's serene mountain surroundings infuse each creation with the beauty and tranquility of the Appalachian wilderness.

Made by Hand

Each part of the process is completely handmade. 

My Process

Consultation Phase:

Initial Meeting:

A non-refundable $50 deposit begins the process, which will be applied to your piece.

Once payment is complete, we schedule a time for our initial conversation.

I begin by meeting with you to understand your desires, inspirations, and the purpose behind the bespoke piece. This could be done in person, over the phone, or through video conferencing.


Storytelling and Concept Development:

I listen attentively, allowing you to share your story and the significance of the jewelry piece. Through detailed conversations, we collaborate to conceptualize a design that aligns with your vision, personality, and the intended occasion or milestone.


Design Phase:

  • From our initial conversation, I translate your concept into a preliminary design. This design incorporates your preferences and captures the essence of your story. Detailed sketches are used to convey the design direction.


  • Client Feedback and Refinement: You  review the initial design and provide feedback, suggesting any desired modifications or enhancements. I then take your  feedback into account, making adjustments to the design to ensure it aligns more closely with your vision.


These two steps can be repeated twice more, ensuring you get exactly the design you wish for. 


  • Material Selection:

With the design finalized, I assist you in selecting the appropriate materials for the bespoke piece. This could involve choosing the type of metal (silver, copper, or flame-painted titanium), gemstones, or any other components that will be incorporated into the jewelry. 


  • Gemstone Consultation:

I guide you through a gemstone consultation, educating you about the unique qualities and benefits of each suggested gemstone. Based on your preferences and the intended purpose of the jewelry piece, I suggest a selection of gemstones known for their beauty and potential healing properties.

We discuss the symbolism, energy, and potential healing properties associated with different gemstones, allowing you to make an informed decision. 

At the end of the design phase, I provide you with a quote for the entire piece. 50% of payment is due at this time. 


Creation Phase:


I then meticulously handcraft the jewelry piece, employing my expertise and attention to detail. I utilize traditional techniques, advanced tools, and a deep understanding of the chosen materials to bring the design to life.


Regular Updates:

Throughout the creation process, I keep you informed about the progress, providing regular updates and sharing images or videos of the work in progress. This ensures transparency and allows you to witness the evolution of your bespoke piece.


Final Touches and Quality Assurance:

Once the piece nears completion, I inspect every detail to ensure the highest quality standards are met. I perform any necessary final touches or adjustments to achieve perfection.


Presentation and Delivery:

Finally, the bespoke jewelry piece is beautifully presented, packaged, and prepared for delivery. Final 50% payment is due before shipping or pick up. 


By following this comprehensive process, I ensure that your journey from consultation to creation results in a truly remarkable and deeply personal bespoke jewelry piece that celebrates your unique story and style.

Ready to get started? 

Send me a message telling me about your idea, and I'll be in touch shortly!

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