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I am Nirado.

I am a Silversmith working with the healing powers of gemstones. 

My Story

 I grew up in Chicago, Illinois and received my B.S. Ed. and M.S. Ed. degrees from Southern Illinois University in 1969 and 1970. With stars in my eyes and a willingness to try to "save" humanity, as we were focused on in the 70s, I then began teaching, traveling from city to city around the country and Virgin Islands for a number of years. 

In 1976 I changed my occupation and began traveling around the United States as a craftsperson attending craft shows, selling my hand made work. I began with Sculptural Macrame and after a year began Whimsical sculptures out of Sculpey. In 1986 I awoke from a dream where I was centering a pot on a potters wheel.  That began my passion for clay and I threw pots for 12 years. Pottery can be very hard on the body and I could no longer throw pots or work in clay so it was time to change my creative expression. That is my passion in my life.  To create.

Since I live on a farm with Llamas, Alpacas, Angora goats, I delved deeply into fiber arts; spinning, felting, knitting, etc.  I then tried silk painting, papermaking, and various other things.  I just wanted to try everything since I was no longer consumed with clay. And then I held a gemstone. It was every bit as divine as holding a clay pot. Really in the same family.

While practicing in the healing arts, I introduced gemstones into my sessions. Gemstones have healing properties. I immediately needed to learn how to create beautiful pieces of jewelry so those gemstones can be worn close to the body. I use copper based metals to help transmit the energy such as copper or sterling silver.


The past couple of years I’ve introduced Titanium and have been captured with the technique of painting on the metal using my torch. I am mostly self-taught but over the many years have had a few classes at William Holland School of Lapidary, Haywood Community College Metals Program, and online with Lexi Erickson, Lucy Walker, and Kim St. Jean. I taught classes at Haywood Community College.


I now teach in my studio in private classes. It’s very exciting to see the results of something so beautiful created out of nothing, as in any creative endeavor.

My fiber studio and my clay studio are still next to my jewelry studio. I love working in all three mediums, but making fine jewelry with gemstones is my passion now.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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