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Healing Gemstone Jewelry 


  by Nirado


Studying gemstones as I do, it was only inevitable I would run across the greatest and most important of my discoveries yet to date. I discovered Shungite. It is believed that an asteroid or meteor crashed into the Earth as it was forming. It is billions of years old. The stone is found in one place on the planet, so far. Shungite can only be found in Karelia Russia. It is made up of empty carbons called Fullerenes that can absorb the EMF in the environment. Wearing Shungite may help absorb the EMF radiation around you protecting you from it.

These Fullerenes in the stone are also found to absorb bacteria. If settled in water it can remove the impurities found in water. It can also be consumed to remove bacteria in the body.

Everywhere we go, everywhere, we are inundated with Electromagnetic Fields saturating our environment all around us with radiation. With electronics getting more and more advanced, giving us uses for them in all areas of our lives, we are unprotected from the consequences. There is so much research done on the subject, I couldn't possibly provide it here in this small space. Google the topic and find out for yourself that is it real and it is here. I especially like the EMF academy. Christian has made the study of EMF his life's journey.  

I'm very excited about Shungite and can't spread the word enough. I have gingivitis and using my Shungite Toothbrush and Shungite Water for rinsing I have it completely under control. I also wear my pendant, bracelet, and earrings everywhere. I have a square on the back of my cell phone and pyramids all over my house, especially in the area my chargers and computer are. 

I have lots of wonderful Shungite pieces to wear listed here on my site. Please feel free to peruse and purchase.  

Click any photo above to find Shungite products and jewelry.