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Healing Gemstone Jewelry 


  by Nirado

Gemstone Bracelets

One of my favorite ways to achieve a gemstone healing is with a Gemstone Bracelet. I make several different styles for you to choose from depending on your mood, your outfit, how you like to wear things on your wrist, how functional your hands are.  

You will find the most economical style bracelet is the Gemstone

Stretch Bracelet. An inexpensive but good quality gemstone bracelet. Each

stretch bracelet has a Silver Hill Tribe Bead that acts as my signature bead.

Roll it over your hand as you put it on or remove it. Rolling helps keep it

from stretching over time.

(Click on pic to take you to the stretch bracelet shop.)

The next style is a Bangle with gemstones. Bangles are best purchased as

"made to order" so that the bangle will fit your wrist perfectly. 

(Click on pic to take you to the Bangle shop.)

The next style is the Cuff Bracelet. This one can be worn by any size wrist.

With an opening in the Bangle, it is made to slide onto your wrist from the

side of your wrist. 

Another is a Mood Bead Bracelet with a magnet clasp and healing

gemstones. The mood bead is a great bio-feedback device to help you

control your energy, your emotions, your responses to life. Check out

your bead color to see how you're doing. The color indicates stress,

emotional turmoil, etc. When you see that, it's a reminder to simply sit

down, breathe deeply and slowly, and watch your bead change colors

as you relax yourself. 

(Click on pic to take you to the mood bracelet shop.)

And lastly is the Essential Oil Bracelet, made with genuine natural

gemstones and natural genuine untreated Lava stones. Just a few

drops of essential oil of your choice on your lava beads with

our natural healing gemstones make a fabulous healing. The

bracelet is on a stretch cord finishing with a silver bead. 

Click on pic to see the Essential Oil Jewelry shop.