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Healing Gemstone Jewelry 


  by Nirado

Handmade Healing Chakra Jewelry

Wear Handmade healing Chakra jewelry with 

natural Gemstones to Help Keep Your Chakras in 


When making Chakra Balancing Jewelry to wear, Each of the Chakras have a gemstone that represents the color or energy of that Chakra. 

8 Common Chakras and their corresponding gemstones are listed below. The following gemstones are used in creating my handmade healing chakra jewelry to help balance the chakras: 

Soul Star Chakra - Located 12" above the top of the head or the Crown Chakra

Clear Quartz, Rainbow Quartz

Crown Chakra- Location: top of the head

Alexandrite, Light Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Rutilated Quartz

Third Eye Chakra- Location: Center of head, behind forehead

Iolite, Deep Amethyst, Sapphire

Throat Chakra- Location: Throat

Dumortierite, Blue Turquoise, Lapis

Heart Chakra- Location: Midway between shoulder

Rose Quartz, Peridot

Solar Plexus Chakra- Location: Above the navel

Citrine, Yellow Chrysopase, Yellow Jade

Pelvic or Sacral Chakra- Location: Behind and just below the navel

Sunstone, Orange Carnelian

Root Chakra- Location: Base of spine and the pubic bone. Includes genitals and reproductive organs

Garnet, Onyx, Obsidian, Hematite, Black Agate

This jewelry is made with the intention to help balance 8 major Chakras. When included, the clear quartz point or Smokey Quartz point helps move the energy up or down through the Chakra system. Copper is used in various places on the necklace to help transmit the energy. 

All the Chakra Jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, earring, ankle bracelets, have the same intention, to help balance the Chakras. 

Each order receives a clearing grid to clear the stones after wearing them and a small bag to store it in when you are not wearing it. 

Jen's Chakra Necklace

Kelly's Chakra Necklace

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